Leadership Coaching

Want to raise individuals’ performance at work and enable them to reach their full potential?

At WPH our coaching psychologists work with individuals, using scientifically grounded techniques, empowering leaders to identify and achieve specific goals in their professional lives. Our Leadership Coaching is not therapy or counselling. It is about personal growth, creativity, performance and action.

All our coaching focuses on clearly defined and appropriately agreed goals, making it easier for both individuals and organisations to measure the results. In a nutshell, that means helping people succeed in their role and improve a company’s performance.

Wellbeing Coaching

Need to promote wellbeing?

For those experiencing difficulties in their professional lives, we offer Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Mindfulness Based Coaching to enable individuals to make changes in their working lives, reduce stress and promote wellbeing.

We apply cognitive behavioural and mindfulness techniques to enable individuals to find practical ways to change the way they think, improve how they feel, reduce stress and make changes in their life.  By thinking more skilfully they become more resilient, coping better with the pressures faced in the workplace.


Dyslexia Coaching

Need support coping with dyslexia?

At WPH we offer coaching to help support those affected by dyslexia.  People with dyslexia often have difficulties with short-term memory, organisation and time-keeping, report writing, reading, concentration, confidence and self-esteem.

Our coaching programmes help individuals find practical ways of coping with the various difficulties associated with dyslexia.

Group Coaching

Need to drive staff performance and productivity?

At  WPH we offer group coaching, where learning is multiplied as individuals come together to focus on particular development areas.  These may include handling difficult conversations, establishing a leadership brand or dealing with conflict, to name a few.

Group coaching is a cost effective way for organisations to address certain issues simultaniously with a number of people.