Talent Assessment

Assessment Tools

Want to spot the best people?

You may realise that behaviour is critical to job performance, but being able to assess and predict behaviour effectively is a huge challenge in itself.

  • Keep missing the best recruits?
  • Are people in your organisation over-promoted?
  • Does your real talent go elsewhere?

We often come across assessments that are not up to scratch, which can be further hindered by a lack of assessor or interviewer training. This of course limits the extent to which the risks around selection decisions can be managed. We can work with you to take a pragmatic, but robust approach to assessment. Whilst we use tried and tested methods, we are not afraid to innovate to find a better way.

Assessment Events

Seeking to build a robust picture of candidates?

We describe a variety of assessment methods under assessment toolsHowever, it is often by using multiple tools that the best predictions of behaviour and performance are made.

  • Regretting any selection or promotion decisions?
  • Being overly swayed by technical knowledge?
  • Struggling to match people to jobs for a restructure?

It is relatively easy to use self-report tools such a biographical screen or an interview, but is this telling you enough?  Are you simply identifying people who are good at describing what they do, rather than those who will be the best performers?  Designing assessment events that combine a number of different tools to assess a consistent set of criteria is a key part of our work.  This allows a more realistic work simulation, where there is a common thread between activities (e.g. preparing for a meeting, attending it and then writing a report on it), thereby also giving candidates a realistic job preview.

Behaviour Frameworks

Looking to define how staff need to behave?

Organisational changes typically require some kind of shift in what you expect from staff.  However, if these new expectations aren’t clearly defined and communicated in behavioural terms, it can be an uphill battle.

  • Wondering how to embed your values?
  • Struggling to get everyone on the same page post-merger?
  • Finding it tricky to identify what’s required in key roles?

We work with key stakeholders and role holders to get to the crux of what distinguishes the good performers from the not so good.  Our behaviour frameworks can then be used to underpin recruitment, development and Oppraisal® of staff.