About us

We are a team of Chartered Occupational Psychologists who specialise in applying psychology to enhance working lives and organisational performance. Our expertise lies in three areas: talent assessment, talent development and organisational agility. The science of psychology tells us that fine-tuning behaviour at work has a major positive impact on people’s wellbeing and happiness, as well as on business performance. With this in mind we apply evidence-based approaches in a way that many others don’t. We work in partnership with organisations to introduce interventions to drive positive behaviour change.

Through applying psychology, we have guided selection of board members, coached senior leaders, developed resilience tools and right-sized organisations.

Our expertise allows us to...



through selection



of future leaders

Tackle psychological


through coaching

We have worked for a wide range of organisations, in both public and private sectors. These include central and local government, finance, policing and intelligence, health, utilities and charities. We love working on unusual and quirky projects; creating workable and competitively priced solutions whatever the challenge. We use a blend of evidence-based and innovative approaches.

We are predominantly Chartered Occupational Psychologists, Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Practitioner Psychologists and British Psychological Society Associate Fellows (AFBPsS). Check out the accreditations held within the team below.