Talent Development

Authentic Confidence

Are your staff talented, knowledgeable and skilled yet there’s room for improvement in their performance?

Lack of self-confidence can undermine performance at work, despite individuals being fully competent for the job. Psychological research shows that improving self-confidence can enhance performance by a whopping 28%

Whether you are looking to build your own confidence, your team’s confidence, or the confidence of colleagues across the organisation, we can help! Anna Kane is an expert in the field of self-confidence and is nearing the completion of her Professional Doctorate. Get in touch to find out more!

Leadership Development

Needing to develop your organisation’s future leaders?

Commonly those with the highest potential are difficult to keep engaged without effective talent development, as a result performance dips and potential leaders head elsewhere.

  • Concerned about your succession planning?
  • Struggling to tap into leadership potential?
  • Losing the wrong people?

We work in partnership with you to design a Talent or Leadership Development Programme and ensure it meets your organisational objectives. Participants will find the appropriate level of challenge and learning, as well as rich feedback on their performance from a team of psychologists.


Need better tools to drive staff performance and productivity?

Often we expect people to change and improve their behaviour without having a strong framework for sharing ongoing feedback, reviewing performance and looking at onward development.

  • Has your appraisal become a ‘tick box’ exercise?
  • Is honest feedback hard to come by?
  • Have you outgrown informal performance review?

As well as leading to over-promotion and underperformance, one dimensional appraisals, clumsy links to pay, or scant feedback skills can really compromise staff engagement and retention.