Organisational agility


Capturing the essence of behaviour

Particularly during times of change, clearly defining and communicating behavioural expectations is essential if you wish to maximise performance or harmonise ways of doing things.  In the absence of clear behavioural expectations, it is very difficult to assess people, address behavioural issues or to offer constructive criticism.  We can help with:

  • Reflecting new ways of working, such as remotely, in behavioural expectations
  • Pinpointing behaviours that make a difference in a role
  • Describing how your organisational values show up day to day

We work with key stakeholders and role holders to get to the crux of what distinguishes good performers from the not so good.  Capturing this in plain speak, we reflect the essence of what is required.  Our behaviour frameworks can be used to underpin recruitment, development and Oppraisal® processes.

Resilience and

Coping with challenges and pressures

Particularly if you work in an uncertain or high pressure environment, stress-related issues are probably not uncommon.  Many factors can contribute to this, with new work demands definitely impacting.  The knock-on effect is often that individuals’ felt wellbeing is compromised, leading to problems such as lack of engagement, poor performance, difficult working relationships and attendance issues.

Ultimately, this can also create problems with high staff turnover, or indeed simply losing those who are more talented and able to go elsewhere.  You may need to address systemic issues, such as a less than ideal homeworking set-up or a lacking feedback culture, although in addition, building resilience or introducing mindfulness can often go a long way.


Building on performance

Lack of self-confidence can undermine performance at work, despite individuals being fully competent for a job. Psychological research shows that improving self-confidence can enhance performance by a whopping 28%.

Whether you are looking to build your own confidence, your team’s confidence, or the confidence of colleagues across the organisation, we can help! Dr Anna Kane is an expert in the field of self-confidence having completed her Professional Doctorate in this area.