Talent Assessment

Assessment Tools

Want to spot potential high performers?

You know behaviour is critical to high performance, but how can you reliably assess it?

  • Keep missing the best recruits?
  • Concerned about people getting over-promoted?
  • Is your real talent going elsewhere?

We often encounter mediocre assessments or under-trained interviewers and assessors, which can undermine selection decisions.  We work with you to take a pragmatic, but robust approach to assessment, blending tried and tested methods with new innovations.

Assessment Events

Seeking to make more robust selection decisions?

We have described a variety of single assessment tools above, yet using multiple tools as part of an assessment event, will often offer the best predictions of behaviour and performance.

  • Regretting any selection or promotion decisions?
  • Being overly swayed by technical knowledge?
  • Struggling to match existing people to new roles?

Our ‘day in the life’ assessment events combine different tools to robustly assess behaviour, asking people demonstrate their approach rather than just describe it.  Having a common thread between activities (e.g. attending and reporting on a meeting), allows a more realistic work simulation, as well as offering a realistic job preview for the candidate.  We prioritise a positive candidate experience, thereby enabling you to see the best of people, whilst creating a favourable impression of the organisation.

Behaviour Frameworks

Looking to define desirable behaviour?

Organisational changes typically require some kind of shift in expectations around behaviour. Clearly defining and communicating these new expectations is essential if you wish to avoid an uphill battle.

  • Is it hard to pinpoint role behaviours that make a difference?
  • Wondering how to embed your values?
  • Struggling to unify behaviours post-merger?

We work with key stakeholders and role holders to get to the crux of what distinguishes the good performers from the not so good.  Our behaviour frameworks can be used to underpin recruitment, development and Oppraisal® processes.