Talent assessment


High performers are within reach

The extent to which you have robust assessment heavily impacts on the resourcing picture in any organisation. And when you find the right matches, individuals are not only more likely to be successful in a role, but also to stay. We work with you to ensure your processes are rigorous, consistent and better predictors of future performance. We can help with:

  • Designing assessments and interviews
  • Running assessment events and providing expert assessors
  • Engaging candidates and flexing processes to meet their requirements

Our approach is a pragmatic one, which is grounded in best practice and blends established methods with new innovations. Equipping you with the information you need to make and justify selection decisions puts you in a much stronger position to manage selection risks. We advocate offering feedback to candidates wherever possible and ensure there is rich behavioural evidence to support this.


Alternatives to assessing in-person

Whilst using predominantly online recruitment may seem daunting, it is perfectly doable with robust assessment design, clear guidance for candidates and assessors and a bit of tech know-how. We were some of the pioneers of remote assessment, using video links to ensure that our presence as ‘alien observers’ in the room didn’t put candidates off their stride. With the current quality of video calls and even a moderate tech set-up, you can get a good sense of the individual in front of you. We can help with:

  • Reimagining new assessment processes or converting in-person ones to online
  • Creating and delivering virtual assessment processes to right-size your organisation
  • Putting candidates at ease and equipping assessors to feel comfortable and confident

Having a common thread between activities (e.g. attending and reporting on a meeting), allowing a more realistic work simulation. By ensuring a positive candidate experience, we enable you to see the best of people, as well as upholding the organisation’s reputation in the candidate’s eyes.


Spotting the shining stars

Having a pipeline of leaders is a constant challenge for organisations. There is huge potential to get it wrong and invest in developing individuals who either have no intention of staying or who have already reached their level of optimum performance. We can help with:

  • Early identification of leadership talent with the mindset and motivation to develop
  • Effective succession planning to ensure a pipeline of leaders
  • Ensuring clear career development pathways

It can be difficult to separate out performance and potential. Sometimes individuals with massive potential will under-perform in a role simply because it is not stretching them, or their focus is on the bigger picture – beyond what is actually required of them currently. In fact, organisations need those system thinkers, who are curious about better ways of doing things to help make changes across boundaries.