Talent Development

Leadership Development

Want to develop those with potential?

Commonly those with the highest potential are difficult to keep engaged.  Also they’re not always easy to spot, particularly if their current role offers insufficient stretch, as performance and potential can become blurred.

  • Concerned about your succession planning?
  • Struggling to tap into leadership potential?
  • Losing the wrong people?

We can work in partnership with you to design a Talent or Leadership Programme that will provide appropriate challenge for your participants, as well as rich feedback on their performance from a team of psychologists.

Performance Coaching

Need to drive staff performance and productivity?
Want to raise your performance at work and reach your full potential?

Performance coaching enables individuals to raise their performance at work and reach their full potential.

At WPH our coaching psychologists work with individuals, using scientifically grounded techniques, empowering people to identify and achieve specific goals in their professional lives. Our Performance Coaching is not therapy or counselling. It is about personal growth, creativity, performance and action.

All our coaching focuses on clearly defined and appropriately agreed goals, making it easier for both individuals and organisations to measure the results. In a nutshell, that means helping people succeed in their role and improve a company’s performance.


Need better tools to drive staff performance and productivity?

Often we expect people to change and improve their behaviour without having a strong framework for sharing ongoing feedback, reviewing performance and looking at onward development.

  • Has your appraisal become a ‘tick box’ exercise?
  • Is honest feedback hard to come by?
  • Has your organisation outgrown informal performance review?

As well as leading to over-promotion and underperformance, unhelpful appraisal processes, or scant feedback skills can really compromise staff engagement and retention.

Bespoke Training

Want to close gaps in your training provision?

Sometimes off the shelf courses are just not specific enough to the challenges people face to be meaningful.  We offer bespoke and affordably priced training courses to meet your organisation’s training needs in soft skills.

Effective and targeted training improves staff performance and increases engagement through enhancing individual and cross-organisation skills.

Our typical courses include:

  • Resilience Workshops
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview and Assessment Skills
  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Influencing Skills
  • Mindfulness

Please do get in touch if you can’t see what you are looking for.

Authentic Confidence

Watch Penelope’s story about developing her work-based confidence.