Why health and care leadership matters


Strong leadership is the cornerstone of delivering exceptional health and care services that meet population needs.  Leaders in health and social care face unprecedented pressure, complexity and change, requiring them to embrace uncertain environments, build partnerships beyond organisational boundaries and navigate complex regulatory landscapes. Strong leaders manage resources for the greater good and bring more joined-up quality services, whilst enhancing staff capability and wellbeing.


Leader assessment challenges


Multiple leadership behaviour frameworks

With numerous possible sources, how do you decide on your frame of reference, without making it horribly complicated or losing focus on behaviours that matter?


How do you ensure the leadership behaviours you assess today will have longevity in the ever-changing world of health and social care, so appointees can meet future leadership demands?

Over-reliance on interviews

Interviews can fall woefully short in providing a comprehensive view of leadership capabilities. Much deeper and more reliable insights can be gained by combining job-relevant and evidence-based selection tools.


Navigating the critical behaviours is vital, integrating them into a cohesive, practical and consistent assessment approach that will increase the likelihood of selecting robust leaders for your organisation.


Our leader assessment offer


We can help you to identify the leaders who will drive the sector forwards, drawing on our extensive benchmarking of health and care leaders and research into important future leader behaviour and skills gaps to close.

Assessment design

We co-design robust assessments and interviews with you, tailored to your context, to bring comprehensive insights on leadership capability. This includes interactive assessments, such as exploring how leaders engage staff and stakeholders.

Leadership profiling

Through detailed psychometric profiling, we identify key strengths and risks that prospective leaders may present.

Expert interview panel member

As part of your interview panel, our expertise provides assurance of thorough, unbiased interviews, aligned with best practice.


Partner with us


Ready to better spot top leaders?  Investing in robust leader selection is an investment in your organisation’s future success and resilience, as well as a springboard for leadership development.

Let’s connect and explore how our expertise can help you to identify talent and build a strong pipeline of system leaders, contributing to a more sustainable future for health and social care.